Mission & Values

Our Purpose

To stand as a model for creativity, commitment, and community by nurturing relationships and bringing joy.

Our Values

Service: Together, we work to build a safe, positive environment where we look after our fellow teammates and take care of others.

Excellence: We strive for the highest levels of achievement and believe in seizing the opportunity for growth that each new day offers.

Respect: We treat others as equals, speaking honestly but always constructively, and we regard every task as deserving of our presence.

Resilience: We try to see opportunity in every challenge; whenever we begin to fear defeat, we remember that there is always someone there to lend a hand.

Who, Why, How


We are a group of thoughtful, driven, and passionate people who take pride in serving others and providing them with meaningful, joyful experiences.

Why We Do It

Because we love to create, to nurture, and to foster community through craftsmanship and heart.


By investing in each staff member’s development, building a professional environment, and welcoming a diversity of ideas. We encourage individuals to be themselves while always working as a team.